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Default 2006 Navion swap out converter for PD4645VL

In my just purchased 2006 Navion 23H, it still had the original Parallex converter installed. As I wanted to change out the batteries for AGMs, and also wanting something that could charge the batteries faster and more safely than the one speed old unit, I decided to go with the PD4645VL with the remote pendant. Spent a little more to get the Lithium battery option (the VL not the V version), there is a jumper to change to lithium batteries if I decide to do that down the road. Also, if you order the pendant, you do not need to swap out the DC fuse block, since this unit has a spot for the remote to attach to the unit instead of the fuse block. I confirmed this with the Best Converter folks, they were very helpful.

Pretty easy swap out, but a few things to watch out for. One is make sure you don't forget to disconnect the chassis battery as well as the house batteries! Forgot do that and tripped the DC fuse between the front seats. Took some help from others to figure out where this fuse block resides (between the seats in the hatch at the back).

So after DC power and shore power is off, not much to it. Disconnect the 2 wires to the fuse block, one at the top (blue wire) and white wire on back. Front replacement wire is black, and needs a ring end connector to attach to top of fuse block, just like the old blue wire. Had one issue with next step, the A/C wiring. My A/C wires to the converter were on a breaker, which is great! If you are running off a generator, less load to turn this off and not charge batteries as an option. It was paired on breaker with the A/C power to the fridge, which makes sense, think it came from the factory that way. My issue was they did not pigtail the wires, they jammed 2 wires for convertor and fridge into the breaker. Not a great idea, and I could not get them out. So we just cut the black wire back about 4 inches from breaker and pigtailed the new wire to the old wire stuck in breaker. Wires are not super long, but were definitely long enough to do without too much trouble.

Remote pendant just plugs into the front of the convertor, and as I mentioned, with this install the fuse block can stay. Other option would be to change out the fuse block and attach to the spot on the fuse block that is exactly as the same as on the board for the convertor.

Al hooked up, works great! Now charging at 14.4! Definitely will be charging the batteries a lot quicker. Unit also seems to be a lot quieter than the old one.

Hope this is helpful for someone. I am super happy with this change!
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