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Default Water getting into the coach fuse & Isolation Relay storage compartment

On my (Jamboree) Sprinter... the coach fuses and relays along with the heavy 12V battery Isolation cables and other assorted electrical cables are stored in a small outside access compartment directly behind the coach entrance stairs. After driving through a heavy 4 hr rain storm...I luckily discovered that an inch of water was sitting on the bottom of this compartment almost within shorting distance of the isolation relay connection. All the coach wiring cables are routed through a 3 in dia hole in the forward wall of the compartment and mounted on a panel behind the access hole. Evidently rain and road spray had made its way into the compartment along with the bundle of cables through this access hole. I'm hopefully sealing off the transfer of water through this hole by filling any voids (and the cables) with waterproof foam. Perhaps a factory seal might have fallen off... Might be worth checking out if your rig is similar.
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