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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

Originally Posted by ErikM View Post
Hi BrennWagon, Thanks for response. How many people do you sleep in your low roof van? Do you wish you had a tall roof? We plan on using it mainly for camping(trips up to 2 weeks) and eventually daily driver. We do not plan to have a sink or stove in van, plan on doing most things(cooking, etc) outside except when weather is bad and for sleeping.
Camping in the van, it’s just me and the Mrs, but camping out of the van (tent) we add two kids and a dog. I could probably make it work for all of us in the van, but it would be cramped, especially with a bench seat in the way. Three would be much more doable.

Do I wish I had a high roof instead? Not really, but if I was buying a van to convert for long term living I’d go long and tall. With my roof rack, I already need 9’2” clearance, the only parking garages I can enter accommodate buses.

I’ve attached pics of my interior build so far. It is, of course, a work in progress. Basically drawers with an expandable sleeping platform/sofa frame on top. The bed is cut from a 4’x4’ piece of 3/4” plywood and reinforced with aluminum channel and fold down legs and opens up to 6’6”x4’. I’m 6’ and if I was a little bit shorter I’d just have built the drawer platform up to the windows, sleep sideways, and not have bothered with the sliding bed.
2006 140 Low Roof Passenger Wagon

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Sophia2002 (12-25-2019)
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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

Awsome, thanks
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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

How tall ARE you?
Have you camped in other "low roof" vehicles (VW Kombi/Bus, etc) before?

I'm 5' 9", my wife is about 5' 4" ... and we are quite happy in our 64.3" floor-to-headliner T1N Sprinter.
We've spent over 5 weeks in it a number of times. I don't mind having to keep my neck bent when standing. But i really don't tend to *stand* in it for extended periods. I sit down.

We got the Sprinter after over a decade of camping in a Nissan Stanza Wagon ... which was shorter.
You could sit in it, but you couldn't stand up without really tilting your neck (or back).

2005 T1N 118" Freightliner 2500 Passenger Wagon (2.7L, 15" tires, standard (short) roof)
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http://diysprinter.co.uk/reference <-- lots of service documentation, Thanks to Jens Moller and Arnie_Oli
((as always: this post may go through a couple of post-posting edits... so maybe give it ten minutes before commenting))
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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

autostaretx, I am 5'9", wife is 5'3", kiddo is 4 years old. We have either tent camped or camped in back of pickup. For us storage is a bigger concern then standing, though we want to put bed low enough to sit up about 36" down. As far as storage we often take trips that involve climbing and biking. Any thoughts on storage? Thanks for the input.
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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

It is worth taking a look at the promaster van if you are planning to buy a low roof van.

The reason for the suggestion is that it is slightly wider inside.

The floor is also lower to the ground, so the combination might provide more usable space in a low roof version. A friend / customer of mine has a promaster and it is almost the same floor height as my dodge minivan.

This can make entry into the van potentially easier for some people.

Use caution when entering through the back door through, as the door catch mechanism in the middle top of the door way isn't forehead friendly. It is unfriendly enough that I have given serious thought to the idea of a conversion where the build out cabinets are all on one side (to the middle of the van) and the hallway is on the other side.

This would reduce the chance of my forehead colliding with the forehead unfriendly mechanism.
Power systems for conversion vans and emergency preparedness.

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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

Because of the lower floor, there may be more ceiling height also in the low roof PM. It must be at least 66” metal floor to ceiling rib because I can stand up in it. I don’t know what that measurement is in low roof Sprinter.
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HarryN (12-07-2019)
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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

If you look in my signature line there is a link to my van build on a 140 low roof.

I will try to add some finished build pictures to the whole mess tomorrow.

The '02 Sprinter 140 low(standard?) roof is the only legitimate successor to the '60's vintage VW split window van.

It doesn't drive, it flows.


bill in tomahawk
2002 T1N Freightliner
OM 612 2.7L
Transporter 1 Neu 154HP
2500 140"WB, low top
Tank, the repurposed van

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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

Erik, I'm in Boulder, if you would like to see what I've done to my 2016 low roof conversion I would be happy to share. I'll PM you my contact info.

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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

Slopeboulder. That would be incredible! I will contact you.
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Default Re: Low Roof Sprinter Conversions

We wanted a low roof, and were essentially "forced", because of circumstances, to get a high roof. Though we were starting to lean that way anyway. Here is a thread I made comparing (though we planned on a penthouse with the low roof). https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=59837.

Now that we have the high roof I can tell you I can't imagine having had the low roof (though I am 6'3). It is such a pleasure to not have to worry about raising and lowing a pop-top. It's amazing to have our expensive bikes inside (under the bed) and still be able to have a bed/large open flat area to hang out on. The extra storage from cabinets high up is dearly loved. Being able to stand up and change inside (especially in inclement weather) is a sheer joy. I could probably go on about the pros of the high roof but I think you get the point. I might add that we have a 3 year old, so again being able to do more (and store more) inside at times is a huge boon. Our main objective is too still tent, but the van is just so easy and comfy we find ourselves just crashing in there. Though we are sort of nomadic and change locations frequently. If we're staying somewhere a few days the tent goes up. As cool as the van is, it's not "camping" (in my mind) when we stay inside of it. Keep in mind we did not do an elaborate build. Just electric, bed, insulation, lights, a fan and heater. We're cooking out side, and eating outside no matter what (I suppose we could eat inside in a downpour). On that topic, we're in bear country. So eating in a tent is a no-no. It's nice to have a hard shell to eat in and then sleep in should the weather be really nasty.

The only real con to me was the look of the high roof. I think they look goofy. Well, I used to think that. I sort of dig it now. I do wish we could park inside, but that's only because of the snow. As for warmth, that's not an issue. With the factory remote I can have heat quick by starting that early or if I really wanted I could program the aftermarket Espar to warm it up. I did get a long snow rake so I could clear the roof. I hate people driving around with 12 inches of snow on their roof and just didn't want to be one of them :). That's really the only con I can think of now that I have had ours for the last year and a half.

Hope that helps

Off the grid in Wrangell St Elias National Park

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