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Default Espar Easystart Pro: Blue/red rings

Hi all. I tested my Easystart pro today before closing up the wall. Worked fine, but wondering-is there a way to make the blue fan/red heating ring go away? Will be pretty bright in the van at night Iíd imagine.

Control unit is going in the bedroom. Anyone come up with a solution that isnít tape/putting something physically over the unit?

Also, for those of you with your heater under your passenger seat: does the heat come out hot enough to damage flooring adhesive? For a glued vinyl sheet floor.
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Default Re: Espar Easystart Pro: Blue/red rings

The rings haven't bothered anyone in my family. If I think your floor would be fine, but you could turn the vent to blow the air up just to be safe.
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Default Re: Espar Easystart Pro: Blue/red rings

There was a thread on here a while back discussing if it was possible to turn the light off when running.

I contacted Eberspacher and they told me that it was not possible on the older models (like mine) but that there was something in the menu on the newer ones which allowed you to do this.

I am very sensitive to light when sleeping so I've put mine in an old tin of mints I got from a trade show.
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