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2004 140 SHC U.S. T1N
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Default Re: low cost 3D scan project T1N 140

Cool stuff. Best wishes refining the model!
If you ever revert to fitting cardboard templates, look up “spiling stick” techniques. I used these techniques to fit boat planks and bulkheads in a former life... you start by clamping in an undersized “story board”, then record the shape of the target surface by tracing arbitrary points and vectors onto the board using a pointed stick held against the surface. Primitive, but like many boatbuilding techniques can quickly record extremely accurate shapes.

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Default Re: low cost 3D scan project T1N 140

Wow, this was so perfect to find on here! I am looking to do a camper conversion on my T1N and this is the exact van that I have. Kudos for doing this. I think your Van 3 folder is the ideal one for what I am currently looking for, though an undercarriage 3d model would be great for future water tank expansions.

I was able to turn the van into 2 STL files for the right and left side of the van. I just imported them into Sketchup (the free web version) and can now start doing test builds on here! Thank you for this!
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Default Re: low cost 3D scan project T1N 140

Cool- post some screenshots when you reach a good point, I'd love to see. And beware of accuracy!
2006 Hi Top Window Van 140"
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