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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

I've found on a few different rigs that the backlight on the IC does not need to stay on for the EGR to be energized and kill your battery from the t21 recall. Listen for the buz at the EGR.. do you hear it after a few minutes after the vehicle is shut down???

SOS diagnostics can fix the IC issue and at some point I bet Dodge/Freightliner will pickup the bill. They should also pickup the bill for your battery if it is now dead. No record of this, but I really hope in the long run they will not stick this on the customer.
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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

Originally Posted by vanski View Post

I had another 2005 118 t21 recall completed and now I’m getting a dead battery after one night sitting. But it took about a month for this to happen on a night by night basis.. But my clamp meter isn’t showing any current.. I want to blame the t21 as it’s a new battery, but perhaps I got a new battery, top of the line group 49 interstate battery, with a bad cell??? I really hope it’s not the recall because I don’t want to spend the $550 or whatever with SOS!
This was not due to the t21.. turns out I had a defective battery; interstate batts aren't so 'outrageously dependable'.
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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

Originally Posted by sikwan View Post
This would depend on a couple of things (that I can think of)...

1. Does your smog check (if any) require all your monitors to be closed?
2. Are you satisfied with the way your Sprinter is running?

It comes to, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." There is a slight (very small) chance that it could introduce an issue, but you'll never know unless you try.
Hi sikwan,

Bulbasor did get his T21 recall taken care of a long time ago but I did it a little differently - I called Diamler Chrysler and started a claim with them and I got everything done for free - if you do it that way to can go to any dealer you want.
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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Debacle


Started the recall in May so as to get my tags. Went to Escondito as the local Dealer in Huntington Beach
CA told me they did not do the recall. Received the pink T-21 certificate. Immediately noticed that my scangage
was not working. After 2 more trips to Escondito, the dealer got me in touch with the Chrysler factory tech.
He told me to meet him at the dealer in HB CA as they are the only dealer that knows how to fix my problem.

Turns out that the OBD-II connector Works with my DADD but not with my OBD-II scanner. Additionally,
the State smog machines do not work. So I had to go to the State Smog Referee.

The HB dealer replaced the airbag (recall), replaced the ECM, broke glow plugs and thus replaced the head, the glow plug controller, performed the T-21 reprogram, changed the air fuel ratio, and did not fix the OBD-II
communication. They said that they do not have to support the OBD-II as my scanner and Scangage are after market products.

From start to finish From May to the end of October my van was in the shop 7 weeks for the head work, 4 more visits for them to try to fix the OBD-II.

The Van, 2004 2500 High top with windows, got 24-26 MPG before the work. I am now getting 17 MPG. The van is running good, very smooth.

Anybody have any ideas?
2004 Dodge 2500 SHC Wagon 140", 177K mi., DAD
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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

How could going from 24-26 MPG, down to 17 in any way lead to lower emissions that would pollute less?

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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

Originally Posted by Heatnairguy View Post
How could going from 24-26 MPG, down to 17 in any way lead to lower emissions that would pollute less?

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My fuel millage dropped too. No change in the way it runs either.
06 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 SH 118WB
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Default T21 Emissions Recall Notice

I was told by a person who had driven a Sprinter van for his employer that a few years back he was able to get a reflash of the ECM I believe, that gave him noticeable increases in torque and horsepower while at the same time increasing the fuel economy. What I had a hard time believing was when he said that his fuel economy went up to over 50 MPG! I would have maybe believed thirty some or forty MPG. What’s the highest MPG any of you have heard of for a sprinter van? He later said that he couldn’t get the re-flashing info any more due to the troubles that Benz, VW, and others got into with the way they had programmed the systems to pass emissions testing while putting out more emissions during normal driving than allowed.
I would be very interested in getting a re-flash of the ECM that could make those same kinds of improvements without unduly shortening the life of the engine.

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2004 Dodge 2500 118” standard height 364,000 miles
Peak Performance is what I work towards every day.

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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

If you crawl back through the 800+ messages in this thread, plus a few in related threads, *most* people see only a slight change in their overall MPG due to the recall. A few even saw a tad better.

Remember that one thing the recall does is *correctly* inform the ECM of problems with the MAF sensor.
Pre-recall, you could well have been having "issues", some of which may have helped the MPG.
(but not to 50 MPG).

The recall procedure documents we've seen (at least in Canada) told the dealer to correct any MAF errors that the post-recall scans revealed. Whether or not *your* dealer did that should have been noted on the service receipt from the recall.
(and/or guesstimated from the hours involved). This would be true for both 2004 (IC replacement) and newer.

--dick (no, i haven't done the recall)
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Default Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

Hey guys, I just posted a video to YouTube that helps explain the T21 recall AND HOW TO STOP YOUR BATTERY FROM DYING OVERNIGHT if you don't feel like reading back through all the posts on this and countless other threads:
Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get notified when new videos are posted (right now, that's about one a day!).
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Exclamation Re: T21 Emissions Recall Notice

Hey there Sprinter community! I just wanted to chime in and tell you all about my T21 nightmare because I wish this sort of frustration, BS and misfortune on no one.

I also wished someone had already been through the fire and posted a clear solution to help people like me. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that so I had to piece a solution together and here is what worked for me. I’m happy to say I have been through the ringer on this one but came out fixed on the other side. I hope this helps some of you. It’s a long read but worth it for those of you still in purgatory.

I own a 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 and I live in California. I received a notice in July 2019 that I was required to perform the T21 recall on my vehicle before I could SMOG and register it. I jumped on the forum to check the temperature and it seemed like everyone was chiming in saying to not do it… but… as a Cali resident… I didn’t have the option to opt out so I crossed my fingers.

It took me forever to find a dealership that could do the recall despite living in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. I finally found out that AutoWorld in Petaluma CA could do the work and they told me that they “have performed it several times before and it’s a quick job”. I made an appointment and dropped it off. I almost instantly got a notice from them that the job was completed and I could come get my van. I was ecstatic that it went so fast and smoothly. I made sure it was absolutely ready to go before heading up there and they said yes. I then went to pick it up and when I got there they told me the battery was dead and “this happens to some of these vans”. This began my 3+ month journey in frustration and wasted time.

The short of it is that they needed to get me a new instrument cluster because, as you probably know by now, replacing it is a by-product of the T21 recall programming on virtually all 2004 and some 2005 models.

At this time I didn’t know how big of a deal it would turn out to be as I later found out that this part has been “obsoleted” and therefore isn’t manufactured anymore. I also later found out that the shelves were all empty of the remaining ICs and I was basically screwed. The worst part of this is that they performed the flash to my ECU without having the IC part lined up so once they did that there was no going back and there was no part to fix so they launched me into purgatory.

The dealership then tried to send out an IC from another van to a company in New York to try and get refurbished to see if that would work. It didn’t. So after 2+ months of waiting without my vehicle I was then told that there was nothing more that they (or Chrysler) could do and that I should come pick up my van and I should see “what I could get for it” as a buy-back program from Chrysler because there were no other options.

My van is my home and I had just put a new engine in it less than 5K prior so it’s safe to say that that option wasn’t actually an option and that we needed to figure something else out.

I went and picked up my vehicle and continued to research everything I could and call any leads I found. I mostly struck out but thanks to this forum I was able to locate some important leads.

Firstly, I contacted Jeffrey Wong at the Air Resources Board at the California EPA(Phone: (626) 575-7009, E-mail: jwong@arb.ca.gov, Web: www.arb.ca.gov). He is easily the most friendly and helpful government employee I have ever encountered or probably ever will. I told him about my predicament and he offered to connect me with others that might be able to help and told me that work was happening behind the scenes to solve this issue. It was vague but it gave me the hope I needed to believe ANYTHING was happening on the other side to solve this cluster-f@&k.

Secondly, I read on here that someone had success with sending their parts into S.O.S. Diagnostics in Oregon (http://sosdiagnostics.com/vehicle_owners.html). I reached out to them to see if they could help and they confidently told me they were well aware of the problem happening with Sprinters like mine, that they have fixed them before, what they would need and how much it would cost. I was finally a little optimistic for a possible solution.

I then told the dealership that I found this S.O.S. lead and that they should try it out as a solution. They thankfully agreed and got Chrysler to approve the work so I took my van in again to hopefully get repaired. It took another 2 weeks to get back but this time it FINALLY WORKED!!! My IC works like it did before this madness and my systems all seem to be go. I was finally able to get it a SMOG (through the Cali BAR “Ref”) so now I’m just waiting on my tags in the mail as well as reluctantly keeping an eye on my dash to make sure the “fix” is actually sticking.

So there we go. That is my summed up version of this debacle. I sat in absolute BS purgatory without my vehicle for 106 days and had to waste countless hours of my life trying to solve this on my own because I wasn’t getting much help from the dealership and absolutely ZERO help from Chrysler. This only got fixed because of help from people in this thread and from a lot of legwork on my part. The squeaky wheel did get the grease.

I should also note that I DIDN’T PAY A CENT to get any of this work done. This was all billed to Chrysler. Because of this simple “T21 ECU Flash” I ended up with a new O2 sensor, turbo, a refurbished IC and over 2 months of a car rental while mine was in the shop. If you’re in this situation make sure you don’t pay for it or if you have paid out of pocket to get reimbursed. This all falls on Chrysler and their terrible handling of this ordeal.

One last thing is that apparently 2004 Sprinters are now “exempt” from needing to perform this recall because of this fiasco. I never could get complete confirmation on this but if you haven’t done the recall and are being told you need to… DON’T and dig into this some more.

My final parting perspective is… I had just recently and severely broken my leg when I originally took my van in for the recall and by the time I got it back and fixed I was already healed up and walking without assistance. Yikes. I hope y’all fared better than me!
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