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The Competition Discussion of other vehicles similar to the Sprinter; Transit, Promaster, etc.
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Default Re: Sprinter versus Transit.

Originally Posted by metrisprinter View Post
I was thinking about Transit as an alternative. Transit lower and easier to get in, but the tight foot well limits making foot position adjustments on longer trips. And the fact the feet (left in particular) is jammed in behind the front wheel. I have seen a lot of cases broken ankles, tib-fibs, and mangled feet in left front impact collisions.
The Sprinter front floor board much more room for size 12 feet, and the feet are not behind that the front wheels both sides.
I like the 3.5 motor + 10spd trans for 2020 Transit. but for 2020 Transit all the nanny stuff will be standard.
For me staying Sprinter.

I have 13' bed in my Transit and almost 7' high ceiling, and yeah, it has a cozy cockpit. Feet position has never bothered me. Also it has a turning radius that fits inside of a Sprinter 170 turning radius.
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