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Default Re: EV2, 2019 4x4

Originally Posted by familytruckster11 View Post
KICK ASS. Thank you for the response!

I was 80% sold on the 3000 but REI only had the 1400 on sale (20% off) so I had to try it. If the fridge won't last days in it then I will return/sell/swap.

SO the connection under driver seat is pretty straight forward? I will yank my seats soon. D2 heater just arrived today too!
Yeah, it is. pretty forward

Originally Posted by familytruckster11 View Post
Hey Grant, Have you ever ran the adventure wagon electrical harness from the passenger to the driver side OVER the headliner? Thoughts?
I havent, but i dont see why not. The lengths are about the same. you may have to extend a few wires?

Originally Posted by InspiredVan View Post
We do it on our AdvWagon installs. No problem other than sometimes you need to loosen the drivers seat base to run the extra bundle of wires into the seat base. And yes, torque the base back down after you've run the bundle thru....

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Ive never had to loosen a seat base to run the bundle. weird

Originally Posted by GSWatson View Post
I think heís asking about not going through the regular channel between the seats on the floor, but up and over the headliner. Which I donít see why one would choose. Thatís probably 15 to 20 feet of wire, and the corresponding voltage drop, plus expense and hassle.

This is how ADV WAgon specs to do it nowadays anyways. We run all of ours over the headliner from passenger to driver

Originally Posted by InspiredVan View Post
actually it is about the same distance from where the adwag wire harness branches off in the ceiling. its routed along the front rib directly behind the rear edge of the headliner and down the drivers side b-pillar. its easier/quicker than ripping up the entire floor assembly to access the very crowded wire chase. can you run it the other way? sure. there's plenty of ways to skin a cat.... personally I'm a fan of K.I.S

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yup, this is how i do it.
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