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Default Passenger 144 Weekender


Nineteen years ago, at 45, sleeping in the Isuzu Trooper was a dream come true. But I was working hard and it saw more trips to Lowe's than trips to the Sierras. And the pop-top I wanted never got off the starting blocks.

In 2010 we bought a 2007 Winnebago View (23.5' on a 2006 Sprinter 3500) which we still have. The View taught us a lot about what we need to camp and, even though it's about as small as a motorhome gets, taught us what a hassle it is to drive a larger RV. And also taught us that we're old enough to require a comfortable mattress.

After another year or so, the idea of a smaller Sprinter for daily use started sounding pretty good. Now, here we are eight years later and after years of waiting for the opportunity, months of searching for the right van, and then more months waiting for delivery, on 7/23/19 we finally took delivery of our new silver passenger van. A cargo or crew van would have been workable but the passenger model looked like it would be a lot easier to build out.

For a lot of reasons, I really like the floorpan of the Winnebago Travato, with a walk-through wet bath and comfortable lounges/beds on each wall. I want to incorporate that design into the van without making it too cluttered.

For our weekender, a bath is more important than a kitchen, but an open floorplan is the most important thing for us. So, I'm going to try to figure out a way to have a toilet and shower at the rear of the van, which will be hidden underneath the two lounges.

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Default Re: Passenger 144 Weekender

Congrats on the new van.

Here is THE definitive passenger van build out https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=21773

Also, once you actually open it up, you may be surprised what passes as insulation and sound deadening from the MB factory.
This could have been improved with the introduction of the VS30 variant.
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Default Re: Passenger 144 Weekender

The rear seats in the passenger van are individually reclining and much more comfortable than I expected. I was going to get rid of all the seats until I saw how nice they were, so I sold two rows of seats and am hanging on to one of the three-seat benches and cutting it down to a two-seat bench.

First thing to do is insulate. I ordered a 30' roll of Thinsulate, and two boxes of Noico products - the black mass-loading sound insulator and the green 170mil foam insulator.

The Sprinter brochure and The Equipment Book show that some insulation is standard in the passenger van:

Heat Insulation, Front & Rear Compartments: Includes the insulation mats in the front doors and in the rear/partition wall. Insulation material is fitted up to the belt rail in the sidewalls of the load/passenger compartment and in the rear doors.

Weight Optimized Plastic Floor: The load compartment floor consists of a three-dimensional center layer with bubble structure on which a TPO film (thermoplastic pol-yolefin) is laminated. The TPO film is durable, stain-resistant, slip- resistant and has low wear. The bubble structure of the center layer ensures a low weight while offering strong rigidity and good damping properties. Below that is an insulating foam layer. Support bars connect it to the vehicle floor. The plastic floor has a thickness of 0.31” (8 mm) and builds as tall as the wood floor (code V43).

Plus my van has the optional acoustic package, with additional sound insulation in the areas around the cab and the sliding door.

Based on all this, I'm going to leave the floor and lower sidewalls as-is and only try to install additional insulation and sound deadening behind the headliner. AndyMac's Clark2 build thread gives great instructions. If the factory installed installation isn't adequate for cold weather, I'll come back to this part of the job again later.
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