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Default Re: Solar with Roof AC and MaxxAir?

Originally Posted by Macbender View Post
I'm in similar situation. We are adding a roof rack by Roambuilt which has cutout for AC and maxair fan and we will be putting 180 watts in front of the AC so we will still have a lot of roof space aft.

Hmm - Iíll have to look at that one.

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Default Re: Solar with Roof AC and MaxxAir?

Originally Posted by GSWatson View Post
I have a 2015 passenger to convert; it has the factory roof AC sitting smack in the middle of the roof. I would have preferred to not have the AC, but it’s what the GF ended up with. She’d like a MaxxAir in the rear of the van; I’ wondering what I can get away with for solar? Possibly 100w forward of the AC, and if I mount the MaxxAir to the side, another 100w running for and aft behind? Anyone had a similar situation? I tried a search but came up empty handed.

This is two 80watt panels with a 6'' fan in the middle. It's better than nothing. This isn't my van but I am considering this option if I don't take out my AC unit. If I take out my AC I'd like to try the MIDI Dometic setup Hein sells in place of the AC, Center my panels in the middle of the van for easier cleaning through the hatch. This would allow for a 12'' max air in the rear. This is on RB Components site.
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Default Re: Solar with Roof AC and MaxxAir?

Hi Greg, we are in the same situation. We have a 2013 passenger van with an ac unit. The ac unit takes up a ton of precious head room as well as roof space. We have decided to remove it and replace it with a Maxxair. Some things to consider:

- Before you remove the ac unit, you have to have the system decompressed in it by a professional or else you risk a large fine from the EPA. We shopped around a bit and a mechanic offered to do it for free for us since it was so easy. He gave us a notarized letter stating what he did.
- The front ac unit is completely separate from the rear ac unit, so for us realistically it doesn't make sense to keep it. The only time we can use the ac is when the car is running and when the car is running, we won't be in the back.
- If you search removing the ac on Sprinter Forum, there are a lot of great resources from people who have done it.

Good luck!

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