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Default Sprinter Remote Start In Calgary

I just get it done today.And its work fine.

But my story stars like this :
1. Atempt Crowfoot Visions.I had done with them remote starts on my previous cars sucessfuly.Thats why I went there.
I did ask them if they did a LATEST Spriter already??? They sad YES...(I don't want to be a Guinea pig).
I took it there. But during the install (there is need to soldier on SMD board)they wracked it!!!!
Now i need to tell this is a work vehicle. It needs to be on the roads every day to make money.
Now vehicle was towed to Varsity Dodge. They sad ...IT IS NEEDED TO MAKE NEW LOCK BOX SPECIFIED TO MY VIN #
IN GERMANY !!!!!!!!!!Therefore was a vehicle sitting with pulled down windows 3 weeks on their lot.
When the part arrived cost $2000 CAD.!!!!
Plus I had a rental SILVERADO (which I paid..........reimburst after 2 month of bagging).
Total cost for VISIONS was $2000 part+$1000 rental =$3000 CAD ......and not possible to get done.........
And I had a thousand head aches organazing...phoning around this.
2.Atempt Quinn Security .After this experience who would do it again.But I was more careful ...Make sure that who's going to do it done it
before.Now I found this company.They promisse they done it before.They just can"t tell their costumers infos....I tried
to phone them an confirm.Anyway they started to work on first two weekend days..........not yet done.It just need to
be programmed. Just pay first $1000. By the way fist estimate was $700.Of course later phone call was about raise.
Then second weekend ......not done yet...........and they CANOT DO IT.!!!!
After all the owner DAN lied to me so many times.They schrathed the interrior on many places,saved for
themselves many screws....
PLS don go there.Its just a crap company famous for their "You won alarm system".........later you realize that you need
to pay for install.....
Then again with even wors stage of my interrior. Again failure.
Who would trie again.............I did.........Canadian winter is cold and long.....
3.Atempt XXX company. This also started bad.I droped of my vehocle previous night for them.They just forgot to tell me that its going to be
done at different place.(just a little missunderstanding).
But at the late evening I got a phone call that IT WORKS!!!! I couldnt believe it.Just to needt to be but together.
Yes and next day I stoped and it was really done. The EXELENT GUY named Quinton is a first class installer.
I can recomand him with any expensive vehicle.

Now why I'm hiding them??? Honestly I spent so much time with dealing with that that I would like to get out a little ($50) for the lost time and money with this project.I hope you guys understand.

Thanks Steve.(stevebmw3@yahoo.com)

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