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Default Rooftop AC option with OEM model

Hello all,
I have a 2009 passenger van that I have been converting. It has a factory rear rooftop ac unit. I'd like to have the ability to run the ac while parked. I am assuming this means I need to get a purpose built RV style AC unit but I thought I would check this group before doing that. Is there a way to retrofit/modify the unit to work off a generator? Those long hot days at the racetrack are hard on the family/kids. :)
thanks, WW
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Default Re: Rooftop AC option with OEM model

I don't think it is feasible to rework the OEM AC to run off shorepower since the compressor is run by the engine via a belt. Replacing that with a electric compressor would be an expensive proposition. If you decide to go with an RV style rooftop AC then we can provide a CNC cut plate that will cover and seal the large hole needed by the factory AC and has a 14x14 hole for the aftermarket unit. We also make a cover plate without the 14x14 hole if you want to just cover it and then install the new unit in a different location. That could open up more space for solar panels.

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Default Re: Rooftop AC option with OEM model

Its just not a cost or labor reasonable option. It depends on climate, but you may need as much at 15k btu in hot humid areas in direct sun, especially with lots of windows.
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