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Default Espar

I have recently bought a 2012 great west van. I am successful at using my espar system using both diesel and electricity. I have the on off switch, the espar panel with the for switches ( furnace, fan, system, hot water) and my dometic thermostat. Using these raw itches my espar works perfectly. Here is my question - I have another panel that I donít use that says espar on it? What is that panel/ switches used for?
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Default Re: Espar

Assuming that your Espar heat is controlled by a separate thermostat, then the only purpose of that device is to read diagnostic codes from the Espar.
It can also be configured to act as the t-stat, but that was not how GWV typically wired it.
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Default Re: Espar

Thanks - that is what I was thinking might be the case! It does tell you the ambient tempeature at any point in time! Currently running my espar to get a little heat this morning - it is in the 40’s in Big Sky Montana this morning!
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