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Default Wayfarer: How to make anything on main TV play throughout the coach

While doing some work on my Tiffin Wayfarer 24BW I stumbled across something that wasn't in any of the manuals nor was it part of the walkthrough my dealer provided while taking delivery. I found that between the main TV and the Jensen sound system there is an optical sound cable connecting the two devices. This means that anything playing on that TV can be directed to Zones A, B, C of the coach no matter what the source is.

Go to the TV and setup the sound output to be either Speakers+Optical or just Optical. Now go to the Jensen and press the AUX button until the word OPTICAL shows up in the display. Then push the volume control knob to lock that in as the input source.

I had never thought about this until I saw the cable coming out of the back of the main area TV. When I first tried nothing happened. I removed the Jensen from the wall just to find the cable hanging there and not plugged into the side of the sound unit. Once I plugged it in and heard it snap into place, the sound started pouring out from of my coach speakers.

Hopefully this helps others.

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