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Default Water tank & Pump

Hi all and Happy New Year. If anyone has seen my pics they would have seen I'm making a van from scratch so have loads to learn. I have an upright water tank with a hole for the pipe to suck water out, with an external pump. I finally fitted it today only to find the pump leaks. As I'm strapped for cash the best option is a submersible pump from Ebay for 7ish but whats the way to drop it into the tank as surely if you have a big hole to drop it in it'll all slosh out?

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Default Re: Water tank & Pump

Mate i would just cut a hole in the top and drop the pump in with pipes and wires through the same hole the sikaflex a patch over the hole. When the sika set's no water will get out and it will be sealed for life.
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Default Re: Water tank & Pump

Can you fix the pump, like replace the seals?

At least take it apart (since you're thinking of buying/using something else) and find out why it's leaking. You may even luck out and find something odd to repair the leak.

I wouldn't go submersible because if it breaks you will have to take it out to fix it.
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Default Re: Water tank & Pump

I agree with Seek on this one Baldeagle...

Quick fix:


New pumps:

... Hit The Road Jack...
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