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Default Why do I need a GP module?

A week ago I removed my glowplug relay module to finally address the glowplug related error codes--I have been using the van as usual for about a year with these codes (and without any issues). Upon removing the GP module, I found three fused links, so my impression is that I have running with only two glow plugs this whole time.

I am waiting on parts--I plan to make a stealth modified module that Surlyoldbill suggested--see this post: http://sprinter-source.com/forum/sho...86&postcount=6

Yesterday, my housemate absolutely NEEDED me to move my van down the driveway so he could get his car off the street--his tags are expired and he was getting notices on his car. It occurred to me that maybe, *just maybe* it would start without the GP module installed... and it did--with no hesitation at all! Ambient temps at the time were in the mid 50's F. Come to think about it, I have NEVER had a rough time starting the van--except two times in the Sierras, when ambient temps were around freezing. The van has mostly lived on the Oregon and California coast.

So now I'm wondering...
  • Are the glowplugs just there to assist COLD weather starts?
  • Will I cause any damage if I use my van this week with no GP relay module?

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