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Default Second Coach Battery Installation


Can anyone advise me regarding installing a second coach battery?

The current battery (100 AH AGM) is located in a tray under the rear sofa driver side.

I understand a second battery can be installed under the passenger seat. Mine is the swivel type. Are installation instructions available online? A forum search did not find any. I'm curious about where the new cables will be routed and connected. What fuses are needed? Must a battery tray be installed under the seat?

Thank you,
Jerry S
2003 Leisure Travel Free Spirit SHC LWB
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Default Re: Second Coach Battery Installation

I have three coach batteries the one you describe ( by the way pop that cover and do a clean up on that battery on a regular schedule) but I also have one under the hood drivers side and an other in a battery case behind the driver seat. the space under the passenger seat is reserved for tools. I run 190watts of solar and everything seems to be happy. I also have a 3000 watt inverter that is also mounted behind the drivers seat but dont run ac or microwave off it as it is a cheap square wave unit. Mainly use it for a juice blender. one of these days when I feel rich I may upgrade to a sign wave unit

I use marine deepcycle dual purpose batteries so in a pinch I can use the coach batteries to boost the starter.
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Default Re: Second Coach Battery Installation

Search this Free Spirit forum for swivel seat removal. Quite a long thread.
Baywood Bill

2005 2500 cargo, long, tall
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