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Default What's up with removing the sliding door track?

Hi all,

I'm doing some rust abatement on my 2004 van and I want to get in behind the rearmost part of the sliding door track, where the bolt holds the track to side panel. It was suprisingly easy to loosen the bolt there, but it seems like the track is still stuck super solid to the panel. I'm guessing there's just some sort of adhesive in there (looks like there's a thin layer of foam that maybe has glue on it?).

I thought I'd check before I got too carried away with a pry bar: anybody know exactly how that track is attached? Is it something better left alone, or will it be easy to put back on? Does that bolt on the rear of the track go into a fixed jobber, or is there a nut in there that I'm going to need to take my interior panelling off to get to?

Thanks for any help!

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Default Re: What's up with removing the sliding door track?

The track has a couple of studs welded into it. These bolt through the body, and are accessible from under the interior panel. The track also has a double sided adhesive tape material holding it on. I suggest gently heating the track, and using a plastic wedge scraper to gradually pull it off.
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Default Re: What's up with removing the sliding door track?

Bumping this, same job detail as the OP . I only see three torx - two in jamb and one at the track end. I some major cancer to cure back there. Definitely some high tack DS foam tape - could be along the whole track.
Do not see any studs marks along the track per Midwest. Anybody removed ? I had a decent sized flat blade to try and pry but would not budge. Next some heat.
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