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Default Considering a SV looking for advice

Considering the purchase of a Used Newer Model SV. There are so many choices and options available not sure where to start and was looking for some SV owner Opinions.
-4x4 vs 2
-Gas vs Diesel
Mercedes vs Ford or Dodge
-Class A and C RVís can be money pits, are SV? With in reason if they are well maintained
-we are a: Family of 4. 2 children (12 and 16)
3 dogs (1 Med and 2 lg) usually travel with is if possible
Hobbies: motocross, cycling and hiking
-We live in hot S TX
-travel mostly within the state for moto and cycling events
- Vacations are NM, CO and FL
Important features are a place to sleep, have the choice to cook ( outside is fine) electricity, stay cool in the heat. My wife says a restroom option (still in negotiations) not sure about a galley.
The SV would get used locally on avg 2 a Wk to take dirt bikes to the track vs a pickup truck.
Would like the SV to be versatile to transition between family trips and camping to moto needs.

Thank you for the advice
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The Grand Tour
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Default Re: Considering a SV looking for advice


A Suzuki SV650?
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Default Re: Considering a SV looking for advice


Simply a term for "Sandy Vagina." Invented by Cartman in South Park during the "curse word" episode. A term to described something in a really bad mood.

Cartman- Woooooooo that thing has one huge SV!
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Default Re: Considering a SV looking for advice

Assuming SV = Sprinter Van. Except for the mention of Ford, Mercedes/Dodge as brands fit. There is no "Ford" Sprinter van.

There are pros and cons to a converted Sprinter van, but (to my mind ) not as much as with a Class A or C RV which are more single-purpose vehicles. You have a range of options from a commercial Class B RV (dedicated interior built by the RV vendor) to a dedicated self-conversion to a more modular multi-use "adventure van". Your objectives seem aligned with the modular multi-use "adventure van".

These forums are divided up into several sub forums. If you read through the "Sprinter-Forum -> Sprinter-based RVs and conversions" area of the forum you will start to get an idea of the trade-offs inherent in achieving your objectives using a Sprinter van as the base platform. Most of the interior furnishing issues are the same between the Sprinter van and other, similar vans such as the Ford Transit and the Dodge RAM Promaster vans although the dimensions and specifics of each platform come into play.

If you read through the "Sprinter-Forum -> General Forums -> Sprinter Talk" and "Sprinter-Forum -> TN1 Talk" (1st generation Sprinter), "Sprinter-Forum -> NCV3 Talk" (generation 2 Sprinter), and "Sprinter-Forum -> VS30 Talk" (3rd and current generation) forums, you will get an idea of the pros/cons (and issues) associated with each generation of Sprinter. If you want a recent model (up to 2018 model year), the NCV3 vans can still be found with lower miles on them; if you want brand new (2019 and up) you are looking at the VS30.

If you want to buy a new/relatively new model put together by someone else, be prepared to pay for it. Sprinter vans that have been converted nicely tend to command nice prices. If you bide your time, get to know folks on the forum, you will occasionally see someone's converted van go up for sale. If you want to convert a van (that you buy first) yourself, my suggestion would be to look at a company called "Adventure Wagon" that sells a "Recreational Utility Vehicle" (RUV) kit of parts that simplifies the conversion process (at a price, of course).

Once you read through some of the sub-forms listed above you will begin to get a better idea of what specific questions to ask. Big issues tend to be battery storage and re-charging, along with the rest of the "recreational" electrical system, plumbing (for those who are inclined to have a "wet" van), and interior structure to meet your needs (bed, seating, storage).

Your "staying cool" objective hits the battery storage and re-charging area hard if you want to have the vehicle serve as a space-cooled "home away from home", as environmental cooling is one of the biggest energy consumers and (in my opinion) is only marginally feasible in seriously hot areas unless you have a "shore power" (fixed electric supply) feed or run a generator. There are folks who have put together some serious solar collection and battery storage in order to run A/C, but be prepared to pay.

The rest of what you identify as objectives are similar to what others like to do with their vans, so you will find lots of discussions that should get you up to speed on what is possible.

Have fun!
2017 Sprinter 2500 170 Crew OM642 5-speed auto with Adventure Wagon interior&MOAB
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Default Re: Considering a SV looking for advice

SV - The best I could come up with was Satellite Vehicle!!!

2004 UK Spec 313CDi (OM611 2.2 litre 4 Cylinder Manual Non-ABS)
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36,000 miles from New

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