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Default Seat Mount Options

Hey there folks, iím a newbie here and recently purchased a 2012 3500 cargo as a project build. The front seats are pretty rough. Iím about to remove them and clean up the seat mounts. Iím trying to figure out my options for mounting nice seats from other vehicles. Has this been covered exhaustively on another thread (and therefore my forum searching skills need work)? Can I make a variety of different seats work via retrofitting or adapter plate? (i.e. from a Metris or Sienna, etc).

Thanks for all the helpful info here, Iím happy to find yíall! I built a 69 Camaro with my Dad when I was growing up and am looking forward to another build project.
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Default Re: Seat Mount Options

I have dreams of replacing my seats with something nicer - seems thereís always some nice BMW, Audi or mercedes seats on craigslist for $3-500 a pair. But the holes never seem to line up.

If I was adventurous, Iíd make my on seat swivels and have the bottom plate fit the sprinter base and the top plate fit the newer seats.

Otherwise, an adapter plate out of stout steel seems to be the way to go.

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Default Re: Seat Mount Options

Originally Posted by GSWatson View Post

Otherwise, an adapter plate out of stout steel seems to be the way to go.

I agree FWIW. My choice would be 10 ga flat metal if no break/shape is used. With a formed lip for rigidity I would be happy with 16 ga. That said, the distance of new to old fasteners just won't be that much so what I suggest may even be conservative. Weld nuts can be used to avoid needing access for regular nuts. With thick enough plate stock flat head machine screws installed as studs is another possibility.

I recall a recent thread where Jaguar seats were mentioned as being close for the holes lining up. That may have been for a T1N.

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Default Re: Seat Mount Options

I put aftermarket seats into mine.

Fairly straightforward to make an adaptor plate using some 4mm steel angle.

Using the builder's rule of doubling up when you alter anything structural - I bolted my adaptors to the OEM mounting points and then again with two bolts on each of the sides with 4mm steel spacers on the inside.

Another thing you may want to consider is putting some Vito bases in as they have the same mounting points on the floor but are lower so you can put truck seats in. That was what I was thinking of doing but it was more than my budget allowed at the time.
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