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Default Re: Harmonic Balancer Information

If belt wobble isn't traced to other components, it may be a sign of impending HB failure. Check the HB carefully to verify condition.

From the NCV3 section.

Originally Posted by tigerwillow1 View Post
I just changed the serpentine belt, and looking at everything with a fine-tooth comb I notice (at idle speed) that the belt wiggles back-and-forth a little bit on the tensioner pulley. The amount of movement is 1/16 inch at most. The tensioner bearing felt good. No movement like this over the idler pulleys. Anybody know if this is normal? Maybe a side-effect of a brand new belt? Wish I would have looked at this before pulling the old belt off.
Originally Posted by Jonesy6626 View Post
I had this issue recently, was the harmonic balancer aka crank shaft pulley.

NCV3 Belt Wobble

Apparently minor wobble isn't a problem for some NCV3 engines. If wobble is noticed periodically check that the condition hasn't deteriorated.

Originally Posted by HKs00 View Post
I work on a fleet of sprinters and about 20% of them have the wobble that you are describing. On average our vans see about 3.5k mi a month so we go trough a lot of maintenance repairs. Also some of our trucks run 24/7 and the only time that they come off the road is when they brake down, or 2 times a month for maintenance. When we first started noticing the wobble we literally tried everything to resolve it. One of our vans had all the pulleys tensioner, water pump, power steering pump and compressor replaced ( not all at the same time) and nothing resolved it. I believe that on some vans from factory there is a little wobble from something not being 100% aligned to the rest of the grooved pulleys and it causes the wobble. The only time that I would be concerned about the wobble is if its big enough that causes the belt to run on the edge of one of the pulleys causing it to groove and causing premature belt wear. As long as all of the pulleys feel OK and they are not making any noise and the belt tensioner is keeping the correct amount of tension on the belt I think it will be fine.
To my knowledge T1N belts run true unless there is a problem brewing.
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