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Default Electrical Gremlins, check this out!

A potential source of electrical problems can arise from the wiring loom Under the cab of T1N Sprinters.
The wiring loom that goes under the cab from the engine compartment before it goes up into the cab and connects to the relay/fuse box under the drivers seat has a braided earth wire attached to the under side of the cab under the passenger seat area.
This earth wire chaffs on the wiring loom and can cut through any one of a number of cables causing untold frustration.
If you have gremlins, check it out.
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Default Re: Electrical Gremlins, check this out!

Will CK this out. Thank You!
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Default Re: Electrical Gremlins, check this out!

For US/Canada people reading this thread: note that the original post was from the UK (right-hand drive), so his routing differs from "ours".
(but it's still worth checking)
Most of our T1N wiring from the engine compartment passes through the firewall, near the battery's negative post.

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