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Default Re: Engine compartment wiring zip tie mounts

Thanks again everyone.

Found the original zip ties here



Part number 901-997-01-90 or A 006 997 15 90

The original ones have a round cover to help keep rain etc. out of the hole better, or easy workaround, use a dab of silicone on others. The link Patrick added to Aliexpress has some of the round ones also.

*While in there, check areas where cloth tape may have come apart and where wires rub against things. Bike inner tubes and zip ties and covered in cloth tape are an easy fix and may preventatively save you frustrations troubleshooting.
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Default Re: Engine compartment wiring zip tie mounts

Double thanks DA, that's a cool site and desired the round version as well.

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Default Re: Engine compartment wiring zip tie mounts

Off topic.

Originally Posted by DesertAdventures View Post
Thanks again everyone.

Found the original zip ties here


I wonder if part #56 in the diagram is the proper Wye fitting part for the T1N cooler coil fittings that rust out?
Parts descriptions. (Didn't notice the scroll down.)


#58 = A 004 997 01 90 CLAMP - ONLY WITH AUXILIARY HEATER 9.8-12.3 MM KL1
(Too small size. NAS aka NAFTA OM647 Fuel Wye would likely need a 13-14.5 MM clamp.)

Fuel Tank Coil Rusty Wye Fittings

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