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Default Re: 3D Printed houses

Originally Posted by flman View Post
The guys that frame from the foundation to the top of the last story wall are out of work, not going to need the same amount of framers for just a roof. Watch Vic's video below and see how much labor is used.
Well, hopefully they can get a job building the 3D printers or setting them up and running them at the job site.

Related to the topic: new reinforcements for concrete, plastic fibers and rebar.

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Default Re: 3D Printed houses

I've been thinking of a project where I put single wide trailer/modular home on a concrete base garage. A dozen of these with utilities/laundry in the downstairs. Steps and a deck. I'd love to do this with the printer. Then crane the living space on top. But it makes removing the trailer in the future more difficult.

One word about round rooms...Furniture.
and the inspectors. How does one bribe them? I could never figure that out. Just throw an envelope of cash into their car?

I asked Sen. Ron Wieden how I would go about a bribe and he didn't answer.
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