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Default Re: Pleasureway Excell oversteering problem

SOLUTION! I also had this problem. I almost thought i would not be able to drive the thing anywhere without white knuckles But I solved it and the solution is simple. Take the Pleasure Way back to the dealer and tell them what is wrong. Ask to have them do an alignment on the chassis. Check camber castor etc.. I took it back twice and finally they fixed it. I can honestly say that now it drives great. It's a 2011 excell. I wonder if somehow they get knocked out of square at ford or if ford has a problem with the E350 chassis. I think the later is more likely as I saw a normal e350 van crabbing down the road the other day. Please fell free to reach out to me if you have any questions. When I first started driving my new pleasure way I thought I was going to cry it was so bad. So happy it's fixed now.
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