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Default Re: Scantool Access

Name: Morre

Location: Hartford CT

Resources: Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis System and other scan tools

Method of contact: send a private message

Skills: almost anything, I'm not going to replace your transmission but i can rebuild it if you remove it yourself.

When: anytime

Boundaries: none, love emergency jobs
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Default Re: Scantool Access

Name: Lotus54 (Mark)

Location: Port Angeles, WA

Resources: Mercedes-Benz Star3 Also iCarsoft MB scanner - OSSA motorcycle diagnostics cable/software - Ducati Multistrada (air cooled) diagnostics software

Method of contact: send a private message - or email

Skills: Fairly new to Sprinter, learning. Fairly extensive motorcycle repair, also used to work auto shop.

When: anytime

Boundaries: Some people everything has to be a hassle. I like to make things easy. If you like hassles, please do not call me.
2006 Airstream Interstate (T1N)
2014 OSSA Explorer AND Factory R 300
2016 Beta 300 Factory 4T + Beta X-Trainer
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Default Re: Scantool Access

Name: Pete

Location: Scotts Valley, CA

Resources: SD Connect 4 clone, Vediamo factory engineering software (can change pretty much any coding that can be figured out)

Method of contact: Send a private message to me on Sprinter-Source

Skills: I can help you with changing variant coding and with electrical design

When: Pre-scheduled weekends when I'm free, and/or over email

Boundaries: I'm not going to spend a lot of time on your Sprinter for free. If you're stranded, do not try to reach me for emergency assistance. I have a day job and I'm not a professional.

2015 Sprinter Crew Van 2500 High Roof 144" WB OM651
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Default Re: Scantool Access

where in Michigan are you located? I am in Kalamazoo
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Default Re: Scantool Access

Anybody close to Southern New Hampshire (maybe Boston area?) with a scanner that can read/reset ABS codes? I just cleaned a bunch of debris off a wheel speed sensor so I'm hoping that will solve my problem. If not, I'd love to take a quick drive with your scanner and figure out which wheel speed sensor is bad so I don't have to replace them both.
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