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Matt Foley
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Default Re: Dealers tells me 4,000 4x4s will be produced...

A Quigley Transit is not "$11k cheaper" than a similarly sized and optioned Sprinter. They're basically the same cost, and may even end up more expensive with the Ford if you match them feature for feature.

Quigley Transits are sweet, and I wouldn't do anything to dissuade anyone from buying one, but they are not $11k cheaper.
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Default Re: Dealers tells me 4,000 4x4s will be produced...

Just bought a '19 Transit 148 MidRoof Quigley EcoBoost with a nice option list that I hand picked - pretty much came out equal $ if not a few $ more than my '18 4x4 144. The big thing most don't figure is you have a pretty sizable transport bill from Quigley to wherever you live and this is the main reason for it being a few $$ more than Sprinter., mine was roughly 2500.00 And it is pretty easy to run a 265/70/17 or 245/75/17's with very minor trimming of the Pinchweld and plastic bumper trim - Just installed 245/75/17 AT3W's yesterday on mine.... Initial impressions are that the EcoBoost kicks butt, and having a legit 4x4 drivetrain with Shift on the Fly vs the MB glorified AWD is a bonus along with the readily available ARB Locker option. They both have their own Pro's/Con's however and the jury is still out...
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