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Default Re: Millenials and Van Life

The FitRV, James and Stefanie, got a lot of ideas from Advanced RV. They were at the first two Advanced Fest events. Stefanie led seminars on fitness and led a group in morning walks. After they bought their Travato they went back to Advanced RV for upgrades like the VB Air Suspension and the levelers. I'm sure they were privy to many other things Advanced RV was developing because ARV was an open book. I imagine many of their DIY upgrades were inspired by ARV.

ARV is a customer driven company and if it can be built, they will build it with the best materials and systems available. My contribution was the electrically operated articulating beds which many other customers opted to have since. It was touch and go to whether it could be achieved or not when I proposed it in April 2014 because there was nothing in the USA that could be adapted to a Class B. Fortunately Legget & Platt came out with a new platform in July 2014 that could be customized and adapted.
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Default Re: Millenials and Van Life

Originally Posted by Midwestdrifter View Post
The big reason that most MFGs don't use van bodies, is that they are not square! Round corners, wheel wells, non-flat floors, and dealing with metal body panels nearly doubles the labor involved. No more square fiberglass panels that can be rapidly cut and installed. No more cheap MDF cabinets with square edges, and ugly/heavy bodies. No more flat vertical walls for water, air, and fridge heater vents.
This is also how I view it.

The sprinter is a nice vehicle, but fitting one out is much more challenging than it needs to be.

My own personal needs are more "crew van + simple conversion in back + ability to carry plywood".

I really wonder sometimes if it makes sense to use a van with a steel body or just start with a fiberglass / carbon fiber version on a cut away.

Trying to insulate a van body made of steel and steel ribs vs insulated panels or at least non conducting ones is very challenging.
Power systems for conversion vans and emergency preparedness.

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