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Default Re: Who traveled the farthest to pick up a Sprinter?

Live in Va Beach, Va. Drove my Jeep, with dog, 6 days to Sandy, Oregon. Picked up 2018 Unity TB and towed Jeep back home.

42 days (some sight seeing 🤗) and just over 6,200 miles.
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Default Re: Who traveled the farthest to pick up a Sprinter?

Drove 26 hours straight from Oregon to Kansas City and ripped apart an entire 2006 Sprinter van in 1 day, loaded it up in my other Sprinter, and drove home. Took all my tools and slept in the front seat a couple nights. It was a fun trip.
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Default Re: Who traveled the farthest to pick up a Sprinter?

After looking for years online etc. almost daily, found mine which was just listed on Craigslist by a Dr and used as a mobile Prosthetic work shop and was only 5 minutes away!

Dr was patient and trusting and just gave me the keys to give it a thorough pre-inspection and upon returning said his phone was blowing up with calls and one party in Oregon offered $5k additional to bump me and sell it to them. Van came loaded with like new Adrian Steel cabinets and workbench an after market AC, solar and big battery bank mounted in a steel construction job box.

Have been busy going through it (so glad 120F summer is over) and hope to convert it and be living in it full time soon as neighborhood I've spent almost my entire life in is rapidly turning very dangerous. Area command officer I talked to says GTFO ASAP! Will be so nice to load up the Malinois dog, turn key and drive away someday.
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Default Re: Who traveled the farthest to pick up a Sprinter?

OK guys, I always wanted a108WB 2006, when I found one I was in Sayulita, near Puerto Vallarta and I found one near the Canadian border in Washington
drove it to Half Moon bay CA. where I had a house, converted to a mini motor home and drove back to Sayulita where I have a little village. In Mexico I got
10 yrs. license for $54 as a motor home. My little 108WB runs with any diesel fuel. I named her GITANA2, (Gitana 1 was a 2003/140WB.)
Gitana2 if I drive 60MPH I get 24/25 MPG. Next Gitana2 will come to Sooke/Victoria. BC in Canada where I bought a little Mfg. house in the woods and where I will escape the jungle summer of Sayulita, so she will be traveling 7000miles every year. I love my little "casita" Gitana2 will be my last RV. I am 82yrs joung.
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Default Re: Who traveled the farthest to pick up a Sprinter?

I flew from Washington State to Newark, NJ to pick up a used Sprinter 170 Crew. The next morning when I went to pick it up, the passenger side was scrapped up, dented in for about 8 ft. The person moving it into the garage that morning ran into the frame of the garage door 30 minutes before I got there! I ended up walking any from the deal, or I should say flying away...

In the long run it worked out better because I got a great deal on an in-state 2015 170 Extended, which was my target model
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