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Robert Foster
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Default Re: Sprinter Westfalia #248 Refitting

Hole repair. 001

There were a bunch of existing holes to repair from the original Westfalia build in order for me to get back to neutral. There were literally 24 holes in the van floor, 4 holes in the drivers side rear panel, 3 bolts holes in the rear doors and of course the 16"x16" hole in the passenger side panel, for the water heater access/exhaust door.

Since I had about three quarters of a tube of the Sikaflex 221 left over from sealing around my new aluminum window panel I decided to keep it simple and use that for sealing up the holes in the van floor.

I have been becoming increasingly impressed/educated/intrigued with modern adhesives over the last few years, so every adhesive that I have been using I do some tests with whatever is left over. A year ago when installing my first aluminum panel I had taken some of the Sikaflex 221 and stuck some sheet metal together to test the strength of the bonds. That experience showed me that the Sikalfex 221 was more than suitable for repairing the holes in the van floor.

I first cut plates out of 26 gauge steel to cover and overlap each of the holes in the van floor. I then took a wire brush in my 4 inch grinder and cleaned up around each of the holes, applying some Right Stuff rust neutralizer that I was given, to the edge of each hole even though there wasn't any visible rust. I then buttered up the entire underside of the steel plates and applied them over the holes. As I was using up leftover Sikaflex there was no need to be stingy, so I also smeared around the top edges and surfaces of each plate to hopefully aid in providing some corrosion protection.

I'm thinking of also applying a coat of 3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating to the underside. For $12 dollars that seems like a prudent investment...or is that just being anal ? What do you think ?

2005 Sprinter Westfalia ... currently undergoing a complete refitting
Charlottesville Va Home Inspector
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Default Re: Sprinter Westfalia #248 Refitting

Interesting blue square at the back; looks like a window or hatch going in? And I'm chuckling with you at your efforts to get the stickers off the top; what a bear those are. Your driver side doesn't look too faded, so that one might come off OK with some heat.

I wish I had taken mine off the day I got the vehicle, against my wife's wishes. Of course, she was nowhere to be found when they got so faded they had to come off.

I fully support overkill, and the use of the undercoating. Use sealant for sealing, and undercoating for protection.
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