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Default Viper 5706V Install Update

Just posting an update to Avanti's excellent DIY on the Viper alarm install for the Sprinter. The DBALL2/DBALL3 is no longer a viable option for this install as they no longer support Sprinters. I'm posting a new DIY to help anyone who may want to do this.

Who is this DIY for? Sprinter's 2010-2017, and you are looking for a simple aftermarket alarm that will monitor the doors status, sound the alarm if they are opened, and send you a notification via a Viper key fob to within a roughly 1 mile range. This alarm will work with your OEM key fob. No monthly fees. This DIY will not track the vehicle, have smartphone integration, or remote start the vehicle. All of these things are available as add-ons if you wish.

This is a very simple install with only 4 wires needed to connect to the van itself.

Here's what you need.
- Viper 5706V alarm (~$250)
- iDatalink ADS-ALCA module (canbus interface that talks to van and alarm/ ~$50)
- iDatalink ADS-USB cable / weblink updater (to program/flash the ADS module/ ~$40)
- 20 AWG JST Connector 2 pin female. You just need one of these!

If you can get the seller of the ADS-ALCA module to flash the module for you with the Sprinter firmware, then there is no need to buy the USB cable. Many folks (myself included) had a JST 2 pin connector laying around to use. These are the connectors that are used to connect to motherboards/etc. If you have a 3 or 4 pin, you may be able to trim these down to a 2 pin size to work.

Both the Viper and the iDatalink come with a whole lotta stuff you won't need. I've pictured everything connected up below before it's installed in the van (with the exception of the siren).





Some notes on wiring:
The red wire from the viper goes to 12V+ always on (hot battery).
The black from the viper goes to 12V- chassis ground.
The brown wire from the viper goes to the red (12v+) wire on the siren.
The black/red on the siren goes to 12V- chassis ground.

The green 'looped' wire for the shock sensor harness goes on the sensor side. I cut the other side green wire off as I am not using an additional sensor.

The white wire from the iDatalink goes to the red (12V+) always on from the Viper
The white/black wire from the iDatalink goes to a red spade connector to the bottom right large spade (ignition in/out) on the viper. You could use the harness and connect to the pink wire here, but the spade connector makes for a cleaner install.

Connecting up the JST 2 pin connector. This is critical you don't mix these two up:
The Brown/red from the iDatalink goes to the Brown/red (CAN H) on the van.
The Brown/yellow from the iDatalink goes to the Brown (CAN L) on the van.

The CANBUS connection port can be found by removing the panel below the headlight switch, then find it mounted facing away from you on the right hand side of this compartment. You can carefully push the mounting tabs out to better access this. Plug in the JST 2 pin connector to any of the empty ports.

canbus port.jpg

The green 6 wire harness from the viper connects to the antenna/control center/flashing LED module which you could mount really anywhere, but I mounted mine in the usual spot, top/center of the windshield.

The red 4 wire is the datalink cord between the viper and datalink module.

Once you have it all wired up and installed, connect the red 12V+ last.
- The idatalink module *should* be blinking green with one blink (data mode). Press and hold the datalink program button until it's solid green. The green light will go out.
- Insert your key into the ignition, turn it to 'ON' (don't start the van). The LED on the idatalink should turn green for 2 seconds. Turn the key to off and remove.
- Grab a beer.. you've earned it.

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Default Re: Viper 5706V Install Update

Thanks...was looking to put one of these in for there emote start feature but dealer quoted $1400 just for a sprinter interface kit.

Any idea why the year range stops at 2017?...I have a 2018.
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Default Re: Viper 5706V Install Update

The revision date on the firmware/instructions is Jan 2018, and 2010-2017 is the years they listed for what is supported. My *guess* is that it will work. I'd call/email iDatalink to find out for sure. I think they sell a remote start module as well for around $400 that works with everything above. Good luck!
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