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2007 LTV Serenity
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Default Bay area RV fiberglass body shop

I have the LTV Serenity, but it may happen to others.

Where the fiberglass attaches above the windshield I see brown rust stains.


There is also a small patch of metal that is bubbling up with rust.


Lastly my windshield recently cracked with it was hit dead center with a rock in that damn 580 construction.

I took the RV to Safelite and they said there was too much rust in the frame of the windshield. I only had it replaced 2 maybe 3 years ago and at the time I had the glass removed and took the time to sand down and prime all the metal. They then installed the glass the next day. Seems like something that I cannot do with proficiency. Probably good to have someone take care of it for me but my favorite shop won't touch the fiberglass stuff.

Does anyone have a shop they like that will not rake me over the coals? I have a $1000 deductible so I cannot have my insurance pay for it. Yes I know, if I had state farm they have no cost glass repair. I have AAA, they don't. I should probably get a quote...

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Default Re: Bay area RV fiberglass body shop

At the RV show / Pleasanton fairgrounds, I spoke to some shops about repairing RVs. The boat shops seemed to be more experienced than many of the auto body shops, as they deal with fiberglass and metal interfaces all of the time. There was a place in the Tracy area that impressed me, but I need to do some searching to find it.
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2004 LTV Free Spirit T1N
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Default Re: Bay area RV fiberglass body shop

I'm taking my LTV Free Spirit in on Thursday to:

Busy shop in Oakland. They work on a lot of motorhomes and shuttle buses. Owner is almost always there.

I have severe rust all the way around the windshield. He's going to pull the glass, and have to weld on some new steel/fill rust pits. This should have been done 5 years ago, but I have only had the van for about 18 months. I should have sprayed rust spray on it when I bought it, but I always knew I was going to replace.
2004 Leisure Travel Vans 210B T1n, badged Freightliner but fell off some time ago
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israndy (08-17-2016)
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Default Re: Bay area RV fiberglass body shop

We have same issue, which caused water to pour in above the driver during a recent heavy rain, any ideas on the cost to redo this area above the windshield all the way across?
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