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Default 2004 Sprinter Service manual files

I am one of the lucky ones who downloaded the Sprinter Service Manual files that were available a long time ago. Can I upload them here so everyone can have access to them? The zip file is 39MB big... Al
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Default Re: 2004 Sprinter Service manual files

Hi Al:

You won't be able to do it because there's a limit to the file size that you can upload. Plus, there might be some trouble providing the entire manual on this site from DCX.

I have a purchased copy of the manual for my 06 in pdf format and I'm a little leary about providing all of its contents for free here. Here are my thoughts about providing DCX copyrighted material.

1. DCX can force the shutdown of Sprinter-Source.com.
2. People can register here free, download a copy, and sell them on Ebay.
3. Downloading large files like this will eat up the Sprinter-Source bandwidth.

The yahoo list is a different animal all together. There's a limit to file size that can be uploaded, and DCX goes after yahoo.com rather than the list owner.

I'm trying to see if I can provide that kind of material on the sprinter-wiki without infringing on copyright laws.

Thanks for the help. This is what makes the Sprinter community great!


p.s. I think copyright infringement is one of the reasons why the free copy from I think Foss Dodge (?) was taken down.
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