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Arrow Re: Roadtrek Adventurous vs Agile vs Blu-Tech: Real-world Mileage

Fuel Economy. 2010 Roadtrek RS Adventurous (2009 sprinter 3500 V6, 5 speed.). Purchased 6/25/15 with 51289 miles. I've driven it 5808 miles.

Miles per gallon: Includes freeway, city, straight roads, windy roads, and mountains.
Average: 18.6 mpg(Calculated over 5808 miles )
Best: 21.4 mpg-- Seems best @55 mpg on highways. Approx 19 mpg at 65-70 on freeways.
Worst: 16.9 mpg -- I get a little over 17 around town and cruising around the mountains near San Diego.

Tips: Let off the throttle when you approach a red light(saves fuel and brakes). When dropping down a steep, winding mountain road, avoid accelerating when you get to a straight spot between curves(saves brakes and fuel). Put it in a lower gear as needed. On straight, relatively level roads, use the cruise control when appropriate. Here in Southern California, the traffic is often too heavy and erratic for cruise control.
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