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Default Re: Front SwayBar Repair...

Could be that everyone else has been lucky and no breakage. Here are some more ideas in your hunt.

1. TNeuer had a 4x4 conversion done on his Westy. I do not know if the conversion retained the front antisway bar. If not, maybe he might sell if he still has and if not, maybe the 4x4 converter might still have.

2. Aqua on T1N subforum suggested contacting the upfitter. You may get lucky with the Airstream Service Center in Ohio and/or Westfalia in Germany.

3. If anyone is going by Dr. A (Andy Bittenbinder), maybe someone could ask him to look at the front swaybar. He has worked on a lot of Westies and different Sprinters, and may have some info on our variation or a way to fix the link. (You could also call him but his limited available time is prioritized to emergencies.)

4. Same with Dennis at LindenEngineering in Colorado--may have info or a way to fix. He's worked on several Westies. Maybe a call to him.

5. The independent German shop which repairs Westies might also be a potential lead.


Good luck hunting and keep us posted.

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