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T1N Westfalia
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Default Oregon Westy for $55,000



[Quote from Craigslist--for records]

2005 Sprinter Airstream Westfalia Camper Van - $55000 (NE Portland) hide this posting
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2005 Sprinter Airstream Westfalia
VIN: WD5PD644645661982
condition: good
fuel: diesel
odometer: 59500
paint color: silver
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
2005 Sprinter Airstream Westfalia Camper Van for sale. We're selling our beloved van, due to mother-in-law's worsening arthritis and us consequently not using it often enough. Good condition, low miles - just under 60,000, with a few issues, but a great running engine and regular service performed by J.C. Car Care in Lake Oswego (Sprinter specialists). These are rare and beautiful vans, with only 250 imported to North America. We purchased the van in 2014 and have put less than 5000 miles on it.

This is a great van, especially for a Sprinter enthusiast willing to fix a few issues, we just don't have the time to deal with them right now. The main issues are that the side awning window exterior plastic pane is cracked and is covered with clear tape (to prevent crack from extending). The window sometimes retains moisture under the plastic cracked surface, but the water does not leak through the glass window into the van. One of the small awning windows on the side near the top of the van has broken and is currently covered with plastic sheeting. It does not leak, and we just haven't had time to pursue a replacement window. The small roof window in the bathroom has a piece broken off of it's latch, so that the window cannot be locked down (we currently just have it tied down, and just untie it when we set up camp). There is a small dent in the right side rear door from backing into something, but door is fully functional.

We recently had all of the engine wiring replaced, and our mechanic states that the engine is in excellent shape. The check engine light is on, however, because while replacing the wiring the mechanic also attempted to extract and replace all of the glow plugs, but a couple of them started to crack, so they didn't continue with the extraction. There are still some glow plugs working, but JC says that the van needs to have all of them replaced in order to start well in cold weather. It'll be a bigger job than we could afford at the time, though, so he recommended putting it off for a little while. We have all of the service records, and JC went into detail about what the job would entail, including a cost estimate, which I'd can look up and share with you if you'd like. The SRS (supplemental restraint system) light is currently on, because the airbags may not be functional. That can also be fixed, but would need to be done by a Sprinter Dealership, and we don't have one that we would recommend in the Portland area. I understand that there is supposed to be a good one in the Seattle area, but we haven't dealt with them.

The driver's side cosmetic black plastic panel has the typical small cracks that many of these vans develop, as shown in the photos. I have heard that some Westy owners have filled the cracks with silicone, while others have removed the louvers and painted the panel below silver. These louvers are only cosmetic and I understand that there is an uncut factory Sprinter van window panel beneath so the small cracks have no detrimental effect.

The bed and upholstery are in great condition, and the fridge, front-cabin heat and A/C, stove, water heater, lights, and water pump are all fully functional. The vehicle has never been smoked in, and never had any pets in it either. The previous owner took meticulous care of the van as well, and provided us with all of the service records for the time he owned the van. Plus, it still has the original umbrella that came with these beautifully designed adventure vehicles.

Please email me with questions or to get more photos of specific areas, or see the Airstream Westfalia forum on sprinter-source.com for general info about these awesome vans.
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Mr. Tommaco
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Default Re: Oregon Westy for $55,000

The Portland Freightliner sprinter shop extracted and replaced all 5 of my glow plugs. I have been happy with their work so far.

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