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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

We do Sprinter service at Mercedes Benz of San Francisco at our Folsom location. Please let me know if I can help you with anything you may need for your sprinter
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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

Mercedes Benz of San Francisco was hands down the worst experience I've had at a dealer or any service center for that matter. I would NEVER go there again. Blatantly over-charging for simple repairs and an overall dickish attitude among the staff (except the parts center, those guys were cool).

I have had Ben Crilly come out and work on my van, and he did an excellent job. His rates are great for repair, maybe a bit higher than I'd like to pay for routine maintenance.

I'm planning on trying Murray's in San Mateo for my next service and will try to remember to update this thread once I have the service done there.
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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

I see from time to time criticism of dealer charge rates which is understandable.
But like most postings of this nature,very few contributors actually post what they were charged for a specific job or service.
Can you elaborate in more detail what were your objections?
Rates per hour and prices of parts/items consumed would be nice for comparison.

Of course it always beg the question of what happened to Mark the contributor of the "Come to us post! That I notice was more a than a year ago!

Begs the question what happened to him!

And Mark if you are reading what is the company's CSI rating on repair & customer satisfaction
Cheers Dennis
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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

I've used Golden Gate Truck Center in Oakland before. They limit their service of Sprinters to Mercedes and Freightliner models only. They used to accept Sprinters with Dodge logos, but not any more.

Good luck.

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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

GGTC is really expensive. Went to them once for an oil change and it was so expensive I complained. He said "oh. You're not used to commercial rates. Sorry. As a one time exception I'll cut the labor 30%." It was still over $600. And I had to go back as they had overfilled the oil. Got a light.

I just go to the local oil changers. It's like $150. Jeez. For dealer type service I do go to the dodge dealer in San Leandro. Mine is badged a dodge. Cost $350 when they once did the oil change for me.

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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

I love West Coast Sprinter in Salinas CA, I live in San Jose and it is worth the drive. Lino Mancilla ( owner) is a factory trained Mercedes mechanic. He just put a new motor in our van.
He has been our mechanic for 3 years now and I really appreciate his knowledge and help.
831 975 4304
1054 Terven ave Salinas CA 93901
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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

I took my 2005 sprinter all the way from Berkeley to European Auto Works in Sunnyvale for diagnostic. It was worth the trip. Just don't try it at 7am on a workday. They are very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. Lots of diagnostic equipment and know their sprinters. Highly recommended.
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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

Originally Posted by Graphite Dave View Post
I have had excellent service from Smothers in Santa Rosa. Matt is the Sprinter service manager and is a square shooter that tries very hard to do the right thing. Parts and service are not cheap, but at least Matt is doing what he can for your benefit within the limits placed on him by Mercedes.
I had the complete opposite experience with Smothers.

Bought my Sprinter from them used. They missed several things with the certified check list ... And then again on on subsequent wty repairs, screwed that up too...

Claimed to have done work but never actually did it (had proof with pics).

Took multiple trips to get it resolved. Santa Rosa MB for Sprinters was awful and their tech was far from good. Very hard to schedule...On several occasions, Matt claimed to have been working on getting answers from MB HQ - and never did/or called me back.

Fairfield MB service on the other hand was top notch. Easily 5x the size of Santa Rosa MB Sprinter service....

Went above and beyond on several issues, found some things I didn't ask for, and did a few free code changes/deletes. Added adjustable idle (not free) and few other things too. Was able to get info from MB HQ within a few days and kept on top of everything with daily/near daily updates. Van was done earlier than promised. Worth the drive from San Rafael for me...
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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

Thanks for the heads-up, VT. My wife and I purchased our first Navion Sprinter (a 2015) less than two weeks ago, and I have been spending buku time trying to learn as much as I can about the Navion. We live in Santa Rosa, and had been referred to MB of Santa Rosa by a shop that repairs motor home bodies only, but not motors or drivetrains.

I had talked briefly to MB of Santa Rosa on the phone a few minutes ago, and was assured that their service provider knew Sprinters from top to bottom. Having little faith in most mechanics anyway, it was good to have read your post about MB, and your endorsement of Smothers.

Both shops are just down the street from each other. I'll do my own due diligence by talking to each shop foreman and draw my own conclusions. I have done most of my light vehicle maintenance in the past, and see no reason to have to pay someone else. Navions, however seem to be chock full of electronics that could be easily bunged up by novices like me.

I'll check out both facilities and will report my findings.
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Default Re: Desperately seeking Bay Area Sprinter Mechanic!

Where ever you go make sure they employ stars Xentry diagnostics
Insist on before and after control unit log print out and DPF history log.
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Sprinter information
20O7 Service Manual
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