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Default Re: Purchasing a 2002 High Top that doesn't start

It's going okay. The problem wound up being the fuel solenoid o-rings - though we did change out the filter and we do still have air in the lines, and are continuing to suck air... but it doesn't seem to be bothering anything right now. Once we got it running, we took it for a jog around the block and not 30 seconds later, a brake line blew. There is a lot of work to do on the van - for instance, we broke a connector on the end of the 3-way fuel line. We have that zip-tied in for now, but there is work to do there. The fuel line from the filter to the LP pump has been changed out. (Easy.) We are working in upstate New York, so the temperature is biting cold. We'll be attempting the brake lines this weekend, along with some other routine maintenance, like oil changes and air filter changes, cleaning the MAF sensor, etc. Joel @MMS has devised a good low-pressure fuel pump that will turn the fuel system from negative pressure to positive pressure, and we'll probably experiment with that, as well as with a pre-filter to the fuel filter, as I intend to run the van on biodiesel. (No need to comment on that, it's happening.) It continues to start now, even in the frigid weather - we did add some Diesel 911 and that seems to be helping. Just hoping it will stay strong long enough for me to get it roadworthy...
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Default Re: Purchasing a 2002 High Top that doesn't start

Thanks for the info. Glad yours is doing well. I'm not sure where the fuel solenoid is so not sure about that? I wouldn't mind checking it on mine.

Hopefully you'll get a mild day to do your work or can put it inside a building or something so it's not too cold to work on.
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