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Default Re: Active Lane Keeping Assist

Apparently there's an investigation of Bosch, the supplier of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) software, for shipping software that hadn't gone through proper testing and release cycles. Link: https://10.en24.news/2019/prosecutor...h-manager.html

I'm guessing there will be a recall before too long.
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Default Re: Active Lane Keeping Assist

If they can eliminate the deep braking that occurs when crossing a solid line on the right or left, I would be pretty happy with the system. I have only had one incident with bad lines due to construction, but perhaps having the system disengage when it encounters confusing lines, like other cars I have driven, would help too.
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Default Re: Active Lane Keeping Assist

Having the blinker on cancels out the automated braking when crossing a solid line... so overuse of the blinker then, eh?
Just as it started raining today, I was thinking how LDA brake checking you as you go over a wet solid painted stripe could have some unintended consequences ... fun ...
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Default Re: Active Lane Keeping Assist

Drove a Volvo with lane keeping assist a while back. That thing was incredibly smooth. If you began crossing your lane markers without turn signals, it simply and easily moved you back into your lane without fighting against you--easily overridden. Wife did not buy that car, went with an Acura instead, but I sure liked that lane assist. Had a couple other neat features the Honda did not as well--but the Volvo did cost more.
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