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Default Mod: Red/White Taillight Lenses

[Please correct any information.]

A. Existing

The existing Dodge Sprinter taillights are sectioned red, white, amber/yellow, and red.

These taillights are also apparently used in Europe. In addition, there is also apparently another taillight lens used in Europe which is red and white, with no amber/yellow lens. The white portion is surrounded by the red on all sides.

Discus142 has the red/white lenses. Aesthetically, I think they look cleaner/sleeker and more modern (but opinions may differ).


Some/most/all? European countries require turn signals to be a separate amber/yellow light, different than the brake lights.

For the red and white taillight lens, an amber/yellow bulb is used.

In the USA, the brake light can also be used as the turn signal. The turn signal can thus be red, instead of amber/yellow.

The problem with the Dodge Sprinter taillights is mildew/mold/junk grows along the edges where the white gasket is. Impossible to clean (can use a thin plastic old credit card to get some of the crud out).

B. Replacement Options

Do not know if any replacement taillight lenses solve the problem of mildew/mold/junk under the edges.

NOTE: These are only the taillight lenses. The taillight circuit board which has receptacles/holders/sockets.for the lightbulbs is reused.

1. Originals

Originals can be purchased from Europarts-SD.com and Eurocampers.com.




2. Red/White Taillight Lenses

The red/white taillight lenses can also be purchased from Europarts-SD.com and Eurocampers.com.



3. Yellow/Amber Bulbs

For the red/white taillights, the turn signal must use an amber/yellow bulb.

Some folks don't like the look of the amber/yellow bulb through the white portion of the taillight lens. There are bulbs which look clear but light up as amber/yellow when flashed/turned on.

4. DOT Certification

Apparently, taillights must meet U.S. Dept. Of Transportation regs and be certified. Do not know whether aftermarket red/white lenses meet that requirement.

In Europe, taillights meet some E and TUV standard. Do not know whether the aftermarket red/white lenses meet those standards.

5. Safety

Taillights with separate amber/yellow turn signals reduce accidents, according to the DOT and various studies. Not known is whether the statistically significant reduction applies to clear turn signal lenses with amber/yellow bulbs (would think so?).

NOTE: There are also other places to buy replacement taillight lenses, including Amazon and ebay.

Please add any additional info or corrections.

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Default Re: Mod: Red/White Taillight Lenses

I sell the OEM ones with the amber patch, too.
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Default Re: Mod: Red/White Taillight Lenses

It took some searching to find the correct amber bulb for the clear lenses. The 7506 bulb is listed in the bulb chart as the one used for the turn signal in the OEM lights. However, there is no 7506A amber version.


I went ahead and used the 1156A amber bulb, even though there are a few difference between the 7506 and 1156. I believe the PY21W amber bulb is used in the Sprinter overseas, but I think it may have a different circuit board. The 1156A works well, and is easy to find.

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Default Re: Mod: Red/White Taillight Lenses

Europarts-sd.com looks like it's selling the same 1156 size bulb for the red/white taillight lenses as Camp found:


The original 7506 clear bulb is 21 watts while the typical replacement 1156 amber bulb is a higher wattage almost 27 watts. But the Europarts-SD.com bulb states it's 21 watts.

Here's more info from another forum, including invisible mirror/chrome/amber bulbs and discussion re European bulbs as Camp thought:


Note: Our Sprinter does not have the latest LED bulbs. The latest LED bulbs are often marketed for their quicker lighting up response time. However, aftermarket LED bulbs draw less current and may cause problems for the Sprinter. Search forum. Solution for using LED bulbs may be addition of a resistor.
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Default Re: Mod: Red/White Taillight Lenses

The bulb pictured on Europarts-SD.com is a dual filament bulb, likely the 1157 bulb. It could simply be the wrong image, but it would be interesting to know if anyone orders one. I've ordered from them before and they have good genuine parts, so maybe they imported some PY21W bulbs from Europe. It's hard to say, since Europarts-SD.com doesn't list part numbers.

I'm curious as to what the socket looks like on the NCV3 Sprinter, since it uses amber bulbs in the OEM lights. In Europe they apparently use bulbs that don't allow an amber bulb to be replaced with a clear one. The tabs on those bulbs aren't directly across from each other like on the 7506 or 1156. A similar US market bulb that won't work in the T1N Sprinter is the 7507 bulb.

Why there are so many different automotive bulbs is beyond me! To make it more confusing, I also purchased the discontinued bulb in the link below. Chrome amber bulbs are very dim, but Sylvania Silverstar bulbs are nearly as bright as amber bulbs. If you don't like the look of aftermarket LEDs or amber bulbs, there are only a handful of 1156AST amber Silverstar bulbs left out there.

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