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Default Re: Sprinter Ultimate Service Tool 5.0 - Now Available!

lol, this BS is still here! Prices have come down a bit from the $15 I paid a few years ago and posted here.

I recently paid $6.60 for the full "2019 Mercedes/SMART WIS ASRA & EPC Dealer Service Repair Workshop Download".

It works perfectly. It's a VirtualBox image, download only (it's big..), and you do need a small modicum of computer skill to get it going - but not much!


If not this auction - then one like it will be there to replace it!

I use VirtualBox quite a bit. It pretty much runs on any host PC. If you have Windows, then it's much easier. But there is MAC support as well, you just need to surf around a 3rd party website that's compiled and supports it. I don't do MAC so can't say much more other than I know it should work as I have friends who use it.

If this disk image were to "break", I'd simply delete it and re-unzip the original and start over. easy-peasy. If you download updates in the virtual PC, such as Java, it's likely to break - but you don't need to so...

EDIT: Actually, it looks like the seller of this particular auction provides a VirtualBox image and instructions for MAC - so that's that.

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Default Re: Sprinter Ultimate Service Tool 5.0 - Now Available!

Originally Posted by beez View Post
So, it seems the "Ultimate service tool", is actually a service only to those who collect the $120?

Man, I need to go back to a vehicle that has a "Clymers" manual. :)
Couldn't install it?
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