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Default Sprinter Trivia

Being here in Mexico and chatting with a neighbor we became curious about which cars were produced here. On en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mecerdes-Benz_Sprinter I came across the following information:

Mexican Sprinters are built in one of Mercedes-Benz Mexico's three factories in either Santiago Tianguistenco, Monterrey, and Mexico City and are branded as Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz-Valdez or Mercedes-Xicotencatl depending on which factory they were made in and what specific model they are. Mexican Sprinters feature heavier transmissions and can be fitted with a V-12 engine from the Mercedes S-Class for police and heavy duties. Mercedes-Benz Mexico offers a lengthened Sprinter not sold in other markets with the V-12 engine badged as the Sprinter-E (E for Special "Especial"). The Sprinter E is used mainly for police duties but is commonly used in other roles as well. Mexican built Sprinters have redesigned interiors from the German models and come in the wood paneled luxury trim standard. Between 2006 and 2010 the Sprinter has been the most popular van in Mexico.

After spending many winters here and having an eye for anything Sprinter, I've never seen one of these "lengthened Sprinters" they refer to. Anybody heard of this? A V12 Srinter?

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Default Re: Sprinter Trivia

I have read somewhere about the Mexican Sprinter. They offer a larger van with V12 and heavier tranny. I know nothing about them. I wonder how much HP and MPG the V12 gets?
I don't know if they offer a diesel.
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Default Re: Sprinter Trivia

Originally Posted by rabbitdiesel1 View Post
I don't know if they offer a diesel.
I see a diesel engine (OM651) on the Mercedes-Benz Mexico website, so they offer diesel.

I see four lengths for cargo vans and three for passenger vans.

I don't see a v12 engine option on the main Mexican MB Sprinter pages.

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