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Default Re: Paint poll, how is your paint holding up.

Only the metallic colors are base/clearcoat paint.

Everything else is single stage, even the non metallic colors.

The silver metallic looks really good on my 2015.

While I liked the grey color on my 2008, it had to be machine polished to look good. I used Festool ceramic polish, and it looked great. Had to be done at least once a year.

Given the cost of the van, and the difficulty in polishing and waxing it, clearcoat paint in non metallic colors should be available.

It takes me 3 days to wash, polish and wax mine, including the roof.

I looked at a white 2019, and the finish looks different. I don't know if it is a clearcoat paint.
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Default Re: Paint poll, how is your paint holding up.

My 5 year old '14 with Silver Metallic paint looks as good as it did when I drove it off the lot. Living in the rust belt, I wash the salt off a couple of times in the winter as it builds up. The rest of the year it gets washed maybe a couple of times more. Washing is simple - a bucket of hot soapy water with a soft brush on a pole. I don't wax. There is no visible deterioration or rust at this point in time.

I think the extra cost of the Metallic paint with clear coat was worth it - especially after reading all the horror stories of the stock paint. Having said that, seems the body metal is soft - I have a few dings and dents from road debris, etc.
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Default Re: Paint poll, how is your paint holding up.

2016 Tenorite grey metallic. The upcharge for the premium paint was probably worth it as I'm amazed how good it's holding up in the CO weather extremes (it lives outdoors). The clear coat is pretty delicate when it comes to pin stripes or rock chips, but overall it buffs out fine.
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Default Re: Paint poll, how is your paint holding up.

2016 Jet black. Recently polished with a rotary polisher, and looks almost brand new. Zero rust. A couple small dings on the hood from rocks that just need a bit of touch up. 91,000km on the odometer so far after 27 months of ownership.
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