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Default Re: Drivers Side Window Motor Mechanism Failure

Originally Posted by Sockeye770 View Post
If a new replacement plastic part can be purchased cheaply, then I would buy it and fit it, as it should last another 12+ years.
On further searching, a new replacement plastic slider appears to be out of the question, unless someone has 3D printer with the right plastic for durability and a fleabay add.
So a home fabricated soft aluminium (or chopping board plastic) slider seams to be the best fix.
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Default Re: Drivers Side Window Motor Mechanism Failure

SK770, On one of the Threads I researched, someone made a 3D version that only lasted 3 months, I think the best alternative suggested was some form of Plastersine/Araldite I think in the US its called JD alloy or similar, you protect the slide and the arm with tissue paper and mold this stuff similar to the original, in situ that hardens. The AL slide was considered to be 2nd best/easiest.

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Default Re: Drivers Side Window Motor Mechanism Failure

There are many threads in the forum by people who have successfully replaced the window regulator's slider/roller by a shower door roller purchase from hardware stores (Home Depot is the usual source in the US).

The wheel requires a slight re-working, but once accomplished, it's a successful long-term fix.

Here are the main threads:

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Default Re: Drivers Side Window Motor Mechanism Failure

The manual window regulator does not have the same weakness. So if desired, you could source a manual window drive/regulator. I am not certain if the door card/panel needs replaced. Though you could likely just drill a hole in your old on if needed.
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