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Default Re: Guidelines to the Forum

Originally Posted by bikergar View Post
The last time I was in Australia was near 4 decades ago. I stayed drunk most of the time, but my fond memories are:
  • The women were quite promiscuous
  • The men loved to drink and fight
Now many years later
  • I don't know if the women are still promiscuous
  • I do know the men are all daff
Richard, quit feeding him. You guys banter back and forth and neither one of you make any sense.

Just an observation.

Nice observation there Gary............and the bit about the women is still pretty much true.

Not familiar with the term 'daff',maybe you would like to enlighten me, ..................but as for the men, we have here a LARGE contingent of males that come under the term of 'Aussie Ockers" which are akin to (in my opinion) the British soccer louts even though certain elements of the country like to whitewash it as being some sort of the Aussie 'Larikin hero image'..............others say its just an unsavory hangover from the countries convict ancestory.

If you have done any international travel..............he's the Guy at the airport you can spot a mile off by his loud voice, uncouth mannerisms, singlet top, shorts, thongs on feet and a beer in his hand.................bit like what you Guys call Walmart Folk.

One of the countries National folk hero's is a escaped convict named NED KELLY...........go fig.

Oh and on the BANTERING...........I like a good banter/discussion/debate..................and I think Richard does also but only to the extent that HE remains in control and is not asked to account, be counted or justify his points.............then he goes off or changes the subject and methinks sulks and then gives you the silent treatment..........but hey he responds likewise to the others on this forum aswell.

As I have a Scottish wife and Scottish father inlaw who carry on in a similar fashion to Richard I wonder whether this is a Scottish trait of sorts???

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