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Default Re: Wheel bolts

Double thanks Roger, just saved me the $$ for a set of bolts, now I can blow it on some other do-dad for the Sprinter!
ERA X-70 3500
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Default Re: Wheel bolts

Did you ultimately have the ~$2500 repairs done?
Have you contacted the roadside assist that changed your separated wheel/tire to see if their
insurance will cover a major mistake on the part of their mechanic/operator.
If the lug bolts were truly screwed in until they damaged the brake parts (not sure how that is possible),
but the Sprinter rear wheel was totally locked up, and the only distance was from the side of the road
up onto a roll back tow truck there should have done very little damage to anything.
Yes, ~$2500 estimate is far too high for a fairly simple job.
It looks like you have the alloy wheels on your Sprinter, is that correct?
Then you should have been supplied with a set of 5 short bolts stored down in the tool kit under the passenger side
floorboard with the service jack.
Hope this helps,
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OEM back up camera, Bi Xenon light package, fog lamps, headlight washers.
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Default Re: Wheel bolts

Thanks Roger. I checked my under the floor kit and found the steel wheel lug nuts for my steel spare. Whew. I only have four of the alloy five spoke, five lug nut wheels, and it is reassuring to know I can use the spare if it is needed.

I am still looking for a couple of the alloy wheels for my 06, as I always cary a sixth tire on the roof rack, and someone here on the east coast had one, but the shipping was prohibitive. Still looking for a local Socal option for the 5 lug nut alloy wheel. Thanks to that one poster, who had what I am looking for, but I will keep looking for a west coast wheel for the time being. Thanks to all here.
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Default Re: Wheel bolts

Thanks for this post. New to us 2006 with steel wheel spare on back door did not have any of the short bolts there or with the jack. On order!
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Default Re: Wheel bolts


Great thread .....

Here is the MB part number for the short Lug Bolts for a Sprinter 3500 (2017) steel wheel.990-24-07. I suspect this will work on other similar models.

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Default Re: Wheel bolts

Just a reminder to all. Don't forget to have the wheel nuts re torqued after a time. The guy at the truck shop said about 500 miles. I think sooner would be prudent. We escaped a disaster when after about 3500 miles on a road trip we heard a knocking noise in the rear. Pulled into a shop and the mechanic discovered all the nuts were only hand tight. Destroyed the bolts. Luckily the wheels were still okay. 6 bolts at about $40 a piece had to get them from MB plus two nights in a Hotel. Could have stayed in the MoHo but the neighborhood was a little shady.
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