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The Heaven Van
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Default Rust Repair Process

So the internet is filled with information on rust rapair - and frankly its making my head spin.

All in all - after hours of research - this is how I believe I should repair the rust:

1. Grind down all rust to bare metal (if possible)

2. Clean surface (I am thinking an acid based cleaner)

2. Apply a metal prep (POR-15 Metal Prep) - are their other brands/chemicals I can/should use?

3. Apply Rust Preventative Paint (POR-15 clear or black - I will be painting the van white)

4. Scuff the POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint with light sand paper

5. Apply POR-15 Self Etch Primer

6. This step may not be necessary - I plan on spraying the entire van myself. So should I stop with the POR-15 self etch primer - or shoudl I also apply the POR-15 top coat? Wondering if the Self Etch Primer is UV resistant.

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Rust Repair Process

Seems reasonable. Remove as much as you can mechanically. Apply neutralizer. Apply primer. Apply topcoat. I like aerospace products containing sacrificial additives like zinc phosphate. Etching primers generally do not work properly on paint/primer, and should be use on bare metal.

Por15 would not be my preference for surfaces that will get topcoat and be seen (such as exterior body panels). It does not self level, and may require more finishing work. Assuming your rust is not crazy, removing then neutralizing with a rust reformer, then primer/topcoat will work just fine. Por15 is nice for areas where you can't/wont remove all the nasty rust scale, and pits.
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