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Default Rear Heater

Hello all, I don't know of this has been discussed already, but I am wondering how to heat the rear of the van overnight in the winter?
I am able to plug it in, and the back is insulated and carpeted. I cannot have my materials freeze, and I don't want to keep it in my warehouse overnight as its not that close by!
Has someone figured out the best way to do this efficiently? I was wondering about wiring a plug below the filler cap area so I can plug directly in with all the doors closed?
Any help would be great!
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Default Re: Rear Heater

A plug in oil filled radiator type space heater is probably the safest bet. You could just run an extension cord out the back door or could certainly install a 120v port into the exterior of the van
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Default Re: Rear Heater

Eberspacher or Webasto diesel heater might be an option, they use very little fuel and are thermostatically controlled.
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Default Re: Rear Heater

I use one of the roll-around oil-filled radiators that BrennWagon mentions ... and i have a flat 6-foot (2 meter) extension cord that i run out through the edge or bottom of the front door's seam.
(i have a T1N, so an NCV3 fitment might differ).

At roughly freezing (or a little below), having the radiator set to "3" (out of 10) and only using the 600 watt setting keeps us at 55 F about 2 feet off the floor.

Other differences: i have a 118" wheelbase, so my cargo area is only 8 feet long (i have only a thin curtain as a "barrier" from the front cab). Total cargo-area volume about 200 cubic feet. Uninsulated glass windows all around.
A longer wheelbase will have a proportionally greater volume you're trying to keep warm.

The radiator can be seen in the background of this shot, cowering under the microwave:


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