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Default Mercedes Dealer Misery Alb NM

I had taken my 2004 T1N to the dealer to fix a broken (non-woodruff?) keyway under the Harmonic Balancer. Well, they did fix the keyway but improperly installed the Valve cover gasket and left me with an oil leak, they pinched the bottom radiator hose too tight and left me with a coolant leak (I replaced the hose) I had another coolant leak due to the clamp not being re-installed so it leaked coolant when hot, they did a helicoil on an injector which later failed and they failed to install a random nut (I put one back on) When confronted with these issues - especially the improperly installed valve cover gasket, their response was that "the vehicle was worked on previously so we cannot do anything about these issues! So if you own a older T1N sprinter, the Dodge dealer on the Westside has mechanics who work on the older models and is a far better alternative that the Albuquerque Mercedes Dealer!
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Default Re: Mercedes Dealer Misery Alb NM

That's quite simply unacceptable in my opinion.
My van is a 170" WB High Top 2012 Volkswagen Crafter 2.0TDi, which was built in the very same German factory as the Mercedes Sprinter of the same year.
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