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Default Re: Green Diesel Engineering : GOOD!

Originally Posted by SneakyAnarchistVanCamper View Post
There's no emissions testing here, so I'm not so sure it is in violation of the law
This is simply incorrect. What you did is TOTALLY against federal law--it is a violation of the Clean Air Act. This is easy to validate, e.g.:

Despite the repeated lies from "Green" Diesel Engineering, any modification to an emissions system is a violation, both by the owner and (obviously) by the shop. It doesn't matter who does it, it doesn't matter whether your state has emissions testing, it doesn't matter whether you use the vehicle 100% off road. You are doing business with criminals. They will eventually get caught and be put out of business. Good riddance.
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Default Re: Green Diesel Engineering : GOOD!

I ordered a Green Diesel Engineering tune on the 20th, it shipped on the 21st, I had it on the 25th, and they had emailed me a custom tune on the 26th! The instructions were thorough and simple, and I'm impressed with the hardware and software. So far they've been a pleasure to work with - responsive, thorough, and professional.

I had a chance to try a GDE tune on an off road course, and was surprised with the increase in power - it was more than I expected from just a flash. I've spent my share of time, money and busted knuckles working on cars, changing cams, heads, tuning carbs, etc in the past. My current daily driver is a Subaru Forester XT with an upgraded turbo, intercooler and a dyno tune; but the GDE tune, for being software-only, is probably the most significant single upgrade I've tried on a vehicle yet. A lot of modifications I've done in the past result in "I think I feel it, but it might just be in my head....", but the GDE tune was immediately noticeable. I could see why some folks would think it's subtle, but I've done some pretty expensive and involved part swaps on cars that were less noticeable. So, I'm very pleased! I haven't had a chance to try a GDE tune on a long highway or off-road drive to compare MPG yet, but I hope to soon, and will update my post.

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Default Re: Green Diesel Engineering : GOOD!

DISCLAIMER: Not legal for sale or use on any emission controlled motor vehicles.

GDE site quote

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